Border Pedagogies & Epistemologies

Teaching and thinking from the border

Welcome! ¡Bienvenidxs! We’re glad you are here. This site provides resources for students, teachers, and researchers interested in teaching and learning about borders and about Border Studies. For more on this collaboration please see our About page.

We have shared a short Frameworks paper that details the three different approaches we used for this project and the three related courses.

This blog documents the collaboration between Prof. Rebecca Alexander’s course “Border Pedagogies” (EDUC 390-A at De Pauw University) and Prof. Adriana Garriga-Lopez’s course “Border Epistemologies” (ANSO 420 at Kalamazoo College) during the Fall of 2017. Our students in those courses generously shared their work, which we have included here as Blog Posts.

We have each shared our Syllabi for the individual courses we taught.

We have also posted the shared Assignments we used across classes.

Finally, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to Contact us.